Make your own BlueCubeMod, added firmware & PCB files, battery design

A project log for BlueCubeMod: Bluetooth GameCube Controller Mod Kit

Convert your GameCube controller to Bluetooth for playing on the Switch, emulators and more

NathanReevesNathanReeves 05/02/2019 at 19:480 Comments

BlueCubeMod firmware is now on GitHub:

If you have your own esp32 dev board and a gamecube controller you can try this out right now:

I’ve added the PCB files which contain a few updates from the previous board:

-Onboard USB to UART programmer w/ auto program 

-Blue LED tied to GPIO34

-Slimmed USB port

-New vertical switch

Battery Design:

The 700 mah batteries I could find didn’t fit well in vibration motor slot. For this to work, the battery needs to be smaller than 15x30x20mm. 

Another idea I’ve been working with is putting the battery in the controller handle. This would allow a larger battery, at the cost of making the controller off balance.  


500 mah battery(9x30x20mm):

-4 hour battery life

-removes vibration motor


1000 mah battery(10x35x30mm):

-8 hour battery life

-keep vibration motor

-off balance

I can offer both options for kits, let me know what you think.

What I’m working on next:

I need to create a mount that will help secure the mod in place. My idea is to 3d print a cap that screws onto the post that goes through the board:

Now that I have a final board design, I’ll be getting things ready for a small run of kits to sell on tindie.

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I would love your feedback, if you have something to say let me know!