Linkage used for design of finger module

A project log for 3D printed prosthesis with CV, BCI and EMG

An affordable 3D printed prosthesis using computer vision to track and choose grip patterns for the user. Support BCI and EMG as well.

Nguyễn Phương DuyNguyễn Phương Duy 09/23/2019 at 15:090 Comments

Just a recap of what I used to design the prosthesis.

Since I am an electrical engineering student, I do not have much experience with mechanism design and simulation. So I have been trying to find an easy and intuitive tool for me to do so. The trajectory of the finger module is designed using Linkage, an amazing and easy to use simulator. You can find more information about the software here:

Here is a video of the Linkage project used to create the finger trajectory:

The file is also included in this project of Hackaday.