Toolhead Build Detail

A project log for CJ a Sawppy variant

A motorized model of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Based on the Sawppy Rover.

lmckeegalmckeega 04/02/2021 at 18:370 Comments

When I started building the toolhead, I scoured the internet for detailed pictures showing the toolhead on the Curiosity Rover. The pictures show a quite intricate device that has 5 different tools and the head can be rotated to allow any of the tools to do it's job. As I looked for ways to design the tool for 3D printing, I decided to print each tool seperately and then combine them into one toolhead. Of course, this is the way the real toolhead was built, so that made sense. 

What I came up with was printing a 5 sided frame and attaching each tool to the frame. Once each tool is attached, a top and bottom piece are screwed together to provide a mount to attach the head to the arm. Each tool is made up of multiple printed parts, 14 in total, which allow for printing without supports and easier detail painting.