The official title of this project is "Method for rapid deployment of man rated, implantable, neuroprosthetic devices".

Two seemingly unrelated observations:

1. Drones can fly over a field and map and classify with great precision the position of every weed, bush, flower, or blade of grass.

2. Goats are well known for their appetites. They will eat just about anything. Other than a source of water and protection from predators they can be considered as independent eating machines and left alone to eat about 2 pounds of plants/day. So, with a  herd of say 10,000 placed in the middle of a large field of carrots, one should expect a farming disaster. 

But what if the goats only ate the weeds? And of those weeds, the goats left the Milkweed for the Monarchs. There would be no use for herbicides!  No burning forests, no lives lost because their town was consumed by wildfires and they were trapped inside.

It is certainly easy enough to imagine a goat wearing a tiny harness on it's back that is equipped with a small device implementing a camera, IOT, GPS, and a "TENS" Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and some kind of harness, costing in total say $30.00. In today's age, really very simple stuff. So, when the desired weed falls within the field of view that has also been mapped to what the goat sees, it hears, Just like Alice, "eat me", and when the carrot is in view, as if my magic, and it is, the goat continues on looking for more weeds.

And so the drones fly over the field, or forest, and pass on the list of things to eat and not eat to the goats and the world is a happier and healthier place. Simple...   probably not, but certainly well within the limits of our imagination.

This project addresses the practical engineering aspects of making this vision a reality.