Redesigned for JLC PCB SMT assembly

A project log for Brushless Actuator (Arduino-Compatible)

Ardunio-Compatible M0/Zero/SAMD21 with FET Driver, MOSFETs, Absolute Magnetic Encoder, USB and RS485 comms. ~$US50

Paul GouldPaul Gould 01/03/2020 at 13:144 Comments

JLC now do cheap PCB manufacture and SMT Assembly.

I have changed the components to suit what is available at JLC



      with 3 Phase Current Sensor

NVTFS5C453NL (N-MOSFETs 3x3mm 3mOhms 40V)

MA730GQ-Z (Absolute Magnetic Encoder 14-bit SPI) or AS5xxx

MP2359DJ-LF-Z (3V3 1A DC-DC Converter)

SP3485EN-L/TR (RS485 comms)

24LC01BT-I/OT (EEPROM for ID and parameter storage)

STLM20W87F (Temperature Sensor for MOSFETs)

Voltage monitor

External Motor Temperature Connector

Qwiic connector (I2C) for OLED display

SPI Remote Encoder connector

UART Connector

Servo connector

USB programming connector

SWD programming connector (for putting in the Arduino Bootloader

Reset Button (for getting it into the bootloader)


max wrote 10/20/2020 at 15:07 point

Hi guys, do you have updated schematics/parts lists, I read @Paul Gould message about the lessons learned, I'd like to learn form the too! I will soon contribute!

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Paul Gould wrote 10/21/2020 at 16:52 point

Sorry, I haven't updated the schematic after I found the faults. I moved onto the ESP-32 board. 

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Paul Gould wrote 01/23/2020 at 10:08 point

Info in your messages.

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Simon Merrett wrote 01/23/2020 at 09:42 point

Hi @Paul Gould I'm starting to lay out a PCB schematic based on a pared down version of this. Planning to use the TLV493D on I2C as the encoder. Regarding the pin out off the SAMD21, predominantly thinking of the connections to the DRV8305, is there anything you'd change? I'm comfortable changing SPI to other SERCOMs and pads so if the routing was less than ideal with this configuration. I also plan to go crystalless - hopefully that will not cause timing issues down the road but I've had success in other crystalless SAMD21 applications so worth trying here.

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