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A project log for FilaMecanum

3D printed hub, filament tires, Mecanum motion.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 05/15/2019 at 02:450 Comments

I didn't like how convoluted getting #MPRT - Modified planetary robotics transmission adding into this was becoming.  Making that into something that I could include here without a master module or something was turning into a mess.  I blew away my mess and here we are.

So, I just stuck a copy in the repo and modified it to produce what I wanted.

Good news is you could use it now.  Bad news is, everything will probably change.

Any OpenSCAD masters out there with an idea of how to do this better, minus passing all the needed parameters into every child module, feel free to chime in.  :)

Source is updated on Github.