The conveyor belt model allow you to sort two types of discs. One of them has metal element inside and will be detect by inductive sensor. Another one is make only with plastic and only capacitance sensor will detect them.

Most of elements in our device was made on 3D printer. The conveyor has simple controller inside, based on STM32 and optoinsulation module. Controller translate the high voltage from PLC (24 V) to 3.3 V and drive all the modules on the device (disc ejector, actuators, stepper motor and so on).

In device there is also simple color sensor but now it is unprogrammed.

User can set two belt speeds (slow and fast) and stop the belt completely.

All actuators are based on servomotors. Working conveyor belt you can see on movie below:

This is first release of our product. In future we want to develop project and prepare new revisions.