Kit Challenges

A project log for Water Purification Coagulator Kit & STEM Program

Our ever evolving Make Water program electrolysis/coagulator purification kit for student water & STEM education and outreach.

Ryan BeltránRyan Beltrán 05/07/2019 at 12:500 Comments

Currently our kit does some basic functions. Overtime with suggestions from students and via our general curiosity for the electrocoagulation process we come up with ideas for improving or testing the kit. 

Some challenge ideas include creating a turbidity sensor out of inexpensive parts. Two student teams one year made entirely different turbidity sensors one with a laser and simple light sensor and another with a light sensor and LED. Along with the team I will figure out a good way to post different challenges that we want to tackle or ones we want to finalize as an improvement we can officially add to the base coagulator kit. This way every season the kit improves.