Designing For Multiple Functions

A project log for Pilates Reformer

A hack in the fullest sense. I’m looking to bring what is normally unaffordable Pilates exercise equipment to a much needed larger audience

josephjoseph 07/20/2019 at 17:300 Comments

What you see here are the renderings for all the major pieces of equipment in a Pilates Studio

When a problem arises the first instinct is to attack that problem, and find a solution for it

That is how it was regarding this project

The Reformer is what presented it’s self as the problem, and that is where we focused

We had worked through a number of designs and was getting to a place where things were feeling good

But it was at this point that the realization set in, and the larger picture presented it’s self

The problem wasn’t just the Reformer, but it was all the Pilates equipment used!

With that we had to take a step back and look at the problem from a completely different perspective

What followed was scrapping our original design, and start from scratch

This time, not just looking singularly at the Reformer, but making sure that all of the solutions and elements would ripple down through every piece of Apparatus

This was done by working through all of the individual pieces concurrently

Design elements and solutions to problems, were tried out up and down the line, to see if they not only worked in one instance, but across the board

It meant that there were far more balls in the air being juggled, but it was the only way we could see not to be blind sided, and then have to go back for something and start from scratch

It also allowed a much more holistic approach to the process,  a unifying design aesthetic 

This would have been near impossible if it weren’t for having an iPad Pro and running Shapr3D on it! 

The combination of the two created such a powerful tool that it allowed us to keep all the balls in the air! 😊