Hardware Finished - CPC Software in Progress!

A project log for LambdaSpeak 3

A Modern and Vintage Speech Synthesizer, PCM Sample Player, Drumcomputer, Real Time Clock, and Serial Interface for the Amstrad CPC

Michael WesselMichael Wessel 05/31/2019 at 06:260 Comments

Now that the hardware is finally final, it is time to work on the CPC software!

I am very happy proud and honored that TFM (aka Dr. Stefan Stumpferl), well-known in the CPC Scene for his fantastic FutureOS, is working on adding LambdaSpeak 3 support to his FutureOS, and he is also working on an RSX extension and a CPC ROM!

Check out his homepage for updates: 

Currently, he is working on RSX commands for the PCM EEPROM Sample Upload. EEPROM PCM Sample playing already works, as does the RTC. In addition to the commands he already wrote for the predecessor, LambdaSpeak 1.95 and LambdaSpeak 1.99. So the RSX extension / ROM is already quite mature and offers a lot of functionality.

I am thrilled that TFM continues to develop the LambdaSpeak 3 software. Thanks a lot, Stefan!! 

In the meantime, check out the BASIC programs that demonstrate some features of LambdaSpeak 3, but epspecially the EEPROM PCM Upload is not really feasible from BASIC (it takes minutes to upload a PCM WAV / sample file from BASIC into the EEPROM...)