A 3D printer using filament deposition is a complex machine involving electricity, parts in movement, hot temperature elements, flamable parts and high energy content consumables. It does present significant risks. As for now, without safety standards and incitation to proper design, with low cost components and absence of real certification , consumers 3D printer are dangerous equipment and shall be handled as such.

  •    3Dsmoke is designed to safely run and switch printers up to 2500W;
  •     you can mount this smoke sensor anywhere as it's wireless;
  •     the 2 AAA battery can last one years;
  •     small size,high sensitivity,optical sensor;
  •     this is more robust by cutting off the power source on a separate system;
  •     include a wireless controllable power socket and a tiny wireless smoke detector;
  •     Overheating protection

Connector: underrated connectors on the boards,and use inadequate torque when tightening terminals,as the wire works itself loose,it starts arcing and burning the connector.

Failure of the MOSFET.
     most the printer use the MOSFETs to switch power to the heating lement.unfortunately,when MOSFETs fail,they usually fail close(i.e. conducting).this means that,even if the firmware detects 
something has gone wrong,it won't be able to do anything about it.