prh - my first Log Entry

A project log for rPi bare metal vGuitar rig

An attempt to create a working live guitar rig that includes effects, midi synthesizers, loopers, controllers, and user feedback systems.

PatrickPatrick 05/24/2019 at 18:581 Comment

This is my first project log entry.  

(1) Started pages.

There!   That's it.   Not really, there's ton's of backdated log entries I want to make, but I'm just getting started with Hackaday and learning to use it.   I don;t think the "MOTIVATION" section from my initial "Details" should go here in the Log, but maybe that's a way to get started.  All I know is that I have made my first log entry, and this is it.

pressing "Publish" ...


Patrick wrote 05/24/2019 at 18:59 point

Here's a comment to my own log entry ....

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