Sharing and documenting the project

A project log for Fox.Build PNP

This is an attempt to bring pick and place capability to our makerspace based on the work done by Erich Styger

shane.snipeshane.snipe 06/16/2019 at 14:490 Comments

Again the purpose of this project is to bring PnP capability to our makerspace and hopefully make it a little easier for the next group to do it. Our intention is to show where we got the inputs, what changes we made and why, and leave a good trail so the build should not be any harder than making a Prusa printer. It is going to cost you a few days but the it will be well layed out.

First, if you would like to do this yourself, review the page from Professor Styger.

When we took on this project the first order of business was to get parts in house. Proffessor Styger has a Github repo with everything needed here.

Since a year has gone by, a lot of the links are broken so we searched for alternates to the parts and made an update list. ODS and xls copies are in the documents section. Through the miracle of continual cost reduction, the purchased part on this are not only $746 with is amazing for a pick and place machine.

One of our members at Fox.Build, our makerspace, is a founder of Farmbot and he introduced me to Onshape. Onshape seems very good for this project because it is easily viewable by anyone and can archive many types of files.  The downside is the process of making a model is messy and keeping an archive in a presentable format all the time is more than I am willing to signup for. So, in effort  to provide visibility during the build, I will publish links to Onshape documents that are complete up to a certain stage. There will also be step by step assembly instructions in this blog to correspond to what has been completed so far.

Of course,  we welcome other groups to build along with us and we would love to get feedback on the instructions and our material choices.