BikeOn Development: First Working Prototype, 2014

A project log for BikeOn

Convert your bicycle to electric in seconds. No tools or skills required

Shushanik KhachaturianShushanik Khachaturian 07/21/2019 at 19:590 Comments

This is our first working prototype of BikeOn, back in 2014. At that time we envisioned BikeOn as a ring-shaped device that would contain embedded-in axial flux motor, controller and all the sensors, all built on a single PCB. We were designing a front-wheel mounted device, because we thought that it would be easier to mount BikeOn that way.

This is the video on which we are powering BikeOn for the first time: 

This is the video when we are trying BikeOn on the road for the first time. It didn’t work very well at that time:

As you can see from the videos, at that time BikeOn didn’t have sensors embedded in, and it worked only with a throttle.

The Lesson We Learned:

Later we realized that using third party motor would speed up our development without much sacrifice on desired specs, qualities and our vision. We learned the hard way: if there is something out there you can use, make every effort and reasonable compromise to use it.