Schematic and PCB

A project log for Universal battery

Universal stackable energy storage device capable of receiving and delivering power to the same common low voltage bus (12V).

Peter BogdanPeter Bogdan 05/30/2019 at 14:210 Comments

I come up with first schematic to test the idea. I went for cheap microcontroller with the fast ADC, DAC and Analogue Comparator (Attiny816). I considering other microcontrollers and possibly outside peripherals like faster ADC but I settle for peripherals build in into attiny for now. I experiment with Mosfet drivers on the beginning I tried NCP5901 because of tri-state input capability. Unfortunately build-in safety features for driving only buck converters kept shutting down the driver with internal fault. I switched to MIC4605-2YM which is simpler but requires higher supply voltage. The rest of the schematic is simple and some of the components are not even fitted for the test PCB. See the schematic and board design bellow.