Rev 1.4 PCBs arrived!

A project log for STM32 Open Source Multimeter

A multimeter, based on the STM32F373, which can measure voltage, current and power (both bipolar and DC or true RMS with multiple ranges).

MartinMartin 07/24/2019 at 17:400 Comments

Finally, I received the long-awaited PCBs for revision 1.4 of the multimeter. I have high expectations from this version, so we'll see. I think I might have some preliminary results to share with you within a week - I started populating the PCBs immediately as you can see from the photos, so I hope to have it finished ASAP.

The PCB is totally redesigned to accommodate the new STM32F373CCT6 microcontroller. While drawing out the PCB, I also thought in advance about the 3D printed enclosure, so I hope that this version's enclosure will look much better. I also got rid of the ungly "button board" and instead used 12 mm SMD switches, onto which you can glue 3D printed risers.

On a different note, I finally decided to stay with Keil uVision as the projects toolchain. I spent about ten days trying out different IDEs and compilers, as I want to make this as open-source as possible. However, none of the IDE's I tried fulfilled my expectations, there was always sometimes missing. So I'll stick with Keil and try to fit the code into the 32 KB size limit of the free version.

Stay tuned for the results!