What is KUEBO?

It is a Human-computer interface device just like your mouse and keyboard but for 3D modeling.
its in form of a cube where its 4 vertical faces acts as 4 planes for creating 3D models

Front plane - This face has a touch pad just like the one you have on your laptops. this plane is your primary sketching plane, you draw the base shape using your finger on the touchpad and that will act as your base shape for eg if you want to make a model of a cone and base of the cone is a circle , so you have to draw a circle on the touchpad

Back Plane - this plane is opposite to the front plane so this plane controls your extrusion. it has buttons named C1,C2,C3,C4 which indicate corners 

M1,M2,M3,M4 which indicate mid corners

and P for single point extrusion

Let's continue with the example of cone , once the base circle id drawn on the touchpad and the base circle dimensions are entered one can extrude the circle to a cone by pressing the P button .

Side planes (Left and Right) - both the sides have 4 buttons which acts as 4 points on the height of the model ie between base and the top of the model .

you can press both left and right buttons (any of the four points) to change the the width of the model at that point.

lets paint a clearer picture with illustration below

as you can see in above illustrartion

four buttons on each side (left and right) can be used to manupilate the width of the model , it will be clear with illustrations below.

 when you press the first button the width at that point gets increased wby the value you enter.

if you press the second button it increases or decreases the width of the model by the value you enter.

and same goes with other two buttons 

Top Plane (Num pad) - Top face consist of a num pad with an enter button to enter the dimensions for your model because whats the use if its dimensionless :P

all the keys on KUEBO have Markings in Braille to facilitate it to be used by Visually impaired.

Bottom Plane - Bottom face has a speaker which guides the user through the whole process of 3D modelling .

  • I will help the visually impaired and Elderly to understand the each and every step 
  • I will teach kids different aspects of 3D modelling like what is the sketch plane what is extrusion .
  • It not only helps you design but also teaches you how to design

Connectivity - Connectivity of this device is USB so that its compatible and works just like your keyboard or mouse.


KUEBO is just like you keyboard or mouse and the processor inside it will translate each keypress as a set of code for OPEN SCAD 

so drawing a circle translates to the piece of code to draw a circle in OPEN SCAD.

whole assembly is 3d printable and uses open source hardware such as arduino and Raspberry Pi.