Previous work with 50W LED's and reef tanks

A project log for Diurnal Reef Controller for Lighting and Tides

Exactly the right lighting and tidal conditions have to occur to induce the spawning of corals (and other sea creatures).

philip-coxPhilip Cox 06/18/2019 at 15:210 Comments

I've built and I am using some of these LED's in my reef tank setup.  Most notably, I have a rigged a 50W broadband (chlorophyll absorption friendly) LED over the refugium  of my 55 gal tank.  It's been running about 12 hours every night for the last 6 months:

This LED uses 115 VAC.  The refugium grows chaetomorpha to reduce nitrates and phosphates in the tank.

I also have  a three-50W LED prototype that runs on 36VDC over another tank (2 cool white's with a broadband in the middle).  I'll post images of that soon.