Standalone Demo: Beta Builder Edition

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3D print and build your very own standalone XR headset

austinaustin 07/10/2019 at 04:281 Comment

After months of work, we’re excited to introduce our functional, 3d printable, standalone VR headset.

What you’re seeing in the video is a live stream from our headset, of a website (URL) containing WebVR content, which allows VR experiences to be both stored and accessed using existing Internet infrastructure. 

Software Overview:

The website receives your current position data from a web browser, which receives your position data from the headset. 

The headset determines your current position via tracking cameras that use real world geometry (SLAM) to determine where you have moved relative to your initial position. This change in position is then applied to the position of the virtual ‘you’ in the VR experience.

Hardware Overview:

14 printed parts. 4 cables. 3 boards. 3 18650 batteries. 2 biconvex lenses. 1 tracking module. 1 LCD panel. 

The headset was printed using two Creality CR10’s and an Ender 3, all in standard PLA at 0.2mm layer resolution. 

The assembly process requires no screws or additional fasteners. We designed a variety of mechanisms including friction fit pins and holes, rails and sliders, and a two step push-in-and-slide-to-lock to hold the headset together. 

What's next?

- Ship headset kits to Beta Builders

- Full open source release for Headset hardware and software

-  Web platform development

- Top secret hardware development ;)


Dekker3D wrote 07/10/2019 at 06:22 point

Signed up as a beta builder some time ago. I'm really excited about this one! Might make some mods to make the outer case look fancy once I put one together.

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