Aussie Sawppy - Catastrophic Wheel Failure

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An antipodean sibling

TeamSGTeamSG 08/08/2020 at 10:181 Comment

We were out taking video / photos of the rover tackling some interesting terrain and the front right wheel picked a fight with a feral stick or something. Snap, crackle, pop - Doh!

Prolly a number of compounding factors but I think the big one was the dodgy filament I used for the print. I knew I was going to paint them so I used some old red PLA I had l laying around.

My wheel design could do with looking at too. It was a bit of a rush at the time. I think Roger's design is much more robust.

I'll put up the photos we took later. Video needs some editing input from my daughter before I post that.


Ameer wrote 08/11/2020 at 18:24 point

The wheels look great!

I wanted wheels that look like the real ones (and that is what you have here).

Will you share the stl. with us? Also, did you get to re-enforce the wheels after this one broke to strengthen them.

Thanks man!

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