Files Uploaded, Build Details Coming

A project log for Alexa Killswitch

Using the ESP8266 to cut power to the Echo Dot

Tom NardiTom Nardi 06/14/2019 at 16:470 Comments

I've uploaded the Arduino code for the Wemos D1 Mini. Seems to work well enough for me, but no promises it won't burn your house down. I should also mention that the state-of-the-art seems to have moved from emulating Wemo Smart Plugs to emulating Hue lights, so you may need an older (read, outdated) version of the library.

STL files for the case are also available now. I've generated STLs for the lid both with and without the Jolly Wrencher, for anyone who might want to put their own art up there. If anyone is interested, I can put the OpenSCAD source for the case up as well.

I'll be adding build details and images soon, as there's some modification required to the relay shield.