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A project log for PECS Remote Control

A Digital PECS Remote Control System

robhefforobheffo 06/20/2019 at 22:540 Comments

I have ordered some hardware to start building my prototype, and begun developing the software stack to run the platform.

Since I am a C#/.NET guy mainly, I have gone with what I know and am developing a service that runs ASP.NET Core 2.2 to both serve up the API and to actually do the work making things function.

The administrative interface used to control the platform is a plain HTML/JS SPA package that runs on the client and communicates with the API.

It is my plan to turn both the SPA and API into debian packages that I can update via an APT repository.

The hardware I have settled on so far is a Raspberry Pi 3 for my initial prototyping, with the option of switching to a Pi Zero W for a production run if I get that far. The reasons I am going with the Raspberry Pi are:

On the linux software front I will be looking at doing the following: