Creating ultrasonic ping block

A project log for Barnabas Robotics ArduBlock Upgrade

An upgrade for ArduBlock

cecmaria23cecmaria23 07/19/2019 at 02:040 Comments

I modified the ardublock.xml,, and files to include an ultrasonic ping block, then created the file for functionality.

Then, I generated a new .jar file to send to Ed, but it would not work on his laptop, so I uploaded the files to the shared GitHub, but on the MASTER. The rest of my day consisted of Ed and I figuring out how to undo commits to the master branch -_-

I had to download Git, clone the project repository to my library, then use the 'hard reset HEAD' and 'push origin' commands to delete the last two commits. There was a whole thing with my GitHub login that I had to fix which took longer than it should have, unfortunately. 

All in all, we still have to find a way to download the NewPing library with Arduino and settle the .jar issue.