IOT Voice Controlled Pressure Air Compressor

It's easy to control the pressure use siri when you are painting.
You don't need to rotate pressure regulating valve again and again.

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I use nodemcu and second-hand smc proportional valve to control the pressure of air compressor. Connect homeassistant via MQTT protocol and use homebrigde to connect homekit which we can use voice the video on YT ( say you want to and focus your own business.
  • 1 × SMC ITV2051-212N-X344 proportional valve
  • 1 × MW IRM-30-12ST 30W12V2.5A power supply
  • 1 × AirCompressor Any brand
  • 1 × SMC AN15-02 silencer
  • 1 × SMC AN15-02 silencer

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abdul203pk wrote 03/02/2021 at 12:05 point

Can we run it without electric? I want to review it for my blog post. You can see here blog post, camping tents

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