This is a DIY smart display that you can embed in to your wall. You can control your smart appliance, set timer to control it, get weather info, and act as a cool clock. Let’s get straight into how I made it.

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It consists of

  • Frame
    • Front panel
    • Back panel
    • Processing Unit Cover
    • Relay Cover
  • Display (7 inch 800x480 resolution)
  • Processing Unit - Raspberry Pi
  • Relay circuit (4 channel)

Panel and display are snapped together. Processing Unit and display are secured using screws. Processing unit and relay cover are attached using 3 mm screws.


Chromium-browser is used in a kiosk mode where it render the UI from a backend server. Python with the help of Flask to serve both static pages and a REST API service. JS will invoke REST APIs to control and view stats of appliances.


REST API Service

  1. List room names

    GET /api/

         {     "rooms":["room1","room2"]     }
  2. List all appliances in a given room

    GET /api/{room_name}

         {       "Fan 1": {         "power-control": {           "enabled": true,            "level": 100         },          "status": true,          "timer": -1,          "type": "fan"       },        "Light 1": {         "power-control": {           "enabled": false,            "level": 100         },          "status": true,          "timer": -1,          "type": "light"       },        "Light 2": {         "power-control": {           "enabled": false,            "level": 100         },          "status": true,          "timer": -1,          "type": "light"       }     }
  3. Change appliance properties

    POST /api/{room_name}/{appliance_name}

         {     "status":true,     "timer":10,     "power-control":{             "level":50             }     }
  4. Scan wifi APs

    GET /api/wifi_scan

         {       "result":["WiFi-1","WiFi-2"]     }
  5. Connect to an AP

    POST /wifi_connect

         {       "ssid":"WiFi-1",       "passkey":"password"     }
  6. Disconnect already established connection

    POST /api/wifi_disconnect

         {     }
  7. Get current ip

    GET /api/ip

         {       "ip": ""     }

UI features

These shows the features that are supported.

CAD Design

I have used fusion 360 to model the parts.

3D printing

Thanks to Sumit Goyl for helping out with 3D printing and beautifully painting the parts.

preview preview preview

Final preview