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Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas 07/05/2019 at 20:190 Comments

Since my earlier struggle with BlocklyDuino and the python server I thought maybe I might discover some amazing techniques to communicate with arduino from ChromeDuino. To access a working version I had to find a chromebook and thankfully we have one in the house. On the chromebook I add the app from the chrome web store, set the server to, and attempted to upload the intro file. On the nano I had connected to the chromebook I saw the Rx SMD flicker like last night's fireworks but unfortunately the behavior did not seem to change. So something is happening but without any feedback I am not sure what happened. As far as ChromeDuino was concerned, it worked with the message "Upload Complete! Have a nice day! :) " 

This did not help me much. I opened the Serial Com port and the lack of messages there confirmed the upload failed but with a stubborn desire to get it to work and undying hope I tried a different server. Sadly I received the same results.