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A project log for A DC27 CircuitPython Shitty Add-On V1.69BIS Totem

Use CircuitPython to control up to 4 Shitty Add-Ons (SAO) with the V1.69BIS "standard" connectors

Corey BennCorey Benn 07/11/2019 at 04:280 Comments

I've heard stories about always double checking the data sheets and never assuming anything... well it bit my butt this time. I'm mainly using Yellow SunLED 3.2x2.8mm PLCC2 SMD LED for the badges, but figured I'd do one with their Blue LED instead for a special one off. Realized the forward voltage would be a bit different and adjusted my resistors for that, but didn't double check the polarity mark on them. Cause ... what sort of Monster would switch the polarity mark for the same LED casing from the same manufacture??? when the only difference is the LED color??? 

After trouble shooting reflow connections for a half hour, popped up the datasheets. Yup, for Yellow LEDs the polarity mark is on the anode, but for Blue LEDs it's on the cathode. Enjoy.

So sorry about the footprint model here if you're not using the Yellow SunLED PLCC2 LEDs. For the "XZFBB45S" you'll want to flip that polarity dot around. RTFM MF. RTFM 4ver.