ATX-2-XT PSU Adapter Assembled

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ATX power supply adapter board for classic IBM XT/AT computers

Dave's Dev LabDave's Dev Lab 07/13/2019 at 03:130 Comments

PCBs arrived today from JLCPCB ! After cutting off the leads from an old IBM PC/XT/AT power supply, I assembled the board. The design needs to be tweaked a bit for the average hacker, as it is a mix of both through-hole and surface mount components. I haven't populated the 7905 LDO which is responsible for the -5V output, since nothing I have currently requires it, but I did include it in the design in case I did find a device that does need it. The power switch is a low current enable signal, which turns on the ATX power supply outputs. since i was unsure of what kind of switch I wanted to use, or where it was going to be placed, I decided to include a two pin screw terminal which would make it easy to run wires out to a mounted switch in a case or on some demo platform. I am using a 80W mini power supply with a 12V feed. After testing, I mounted the PSU adapter along with the XT-2-PS2 adapter on a piece of scrap acrylic....