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A tiny open LoRa communicator

zakqwyzakqwy 07/10/2019 at 04:141 Comment

This project should probably be prototyped using a collection of breakout boards and jumpers, but.. here we go instead. My first pass at a design includes:

As suggested on the front page, I referenced a few open-source Adafruit hardware designs, including the Grand Central M4, various Feather boards (such as the LoRa one), and the OLED breakout boards. This mostly saved time getting the 'utilities' to each subsystem, and gave me a good starting point for bypassing requirements and the like. Making sure I use the same I/O pins where possible means getting various libraries (GFX, LoRa, etc) running should be fairly simple. Famous last words.

I'm new to a lot of things here, including the LoRa module (read: LoRa generally), the SAMD51, and the bare OLED displays (I've only ever used the ubiquitous breakouts). I like the idea of adding an SPI flash chip, but I'm a bit nervous about sharing a bus with the radio.

This schematic draft needs a good once-over before I start thinking about layout, but I think it's a good start. Comments and suggestions are highly welcomed!


zakqwy wrote 07/10/2019 at 04:15 point

missing things include USB data lines, a board-to-board connector (or several), a programming header, probably a few LEDs, etc etc etc...

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