Firmware 2.0.0

A project log for Grinder speed control with stable RPM

Uses BackEMF to track speed of AC brushed motor

vitalyVitaly 10/05/2020 at 12:020 Comments

One more rework:

Now firmware can fit into any MCU with 4K RAM & 32K flash. Our choice is STM32F042F6P6 - because it can be flashed by USB without ST-Llink.

Also, final schematic was simplified again, and routed for actual grinder models. Here is temporary link: It was not tested yet, but i already ordered PCB and components, to check how i is. As soon as i works, i will update project docs. 

What is changed (except MCU), if compare with dev board?

So, optocouple with snubber network was removed in more elegant way. The only limitation - have to use 10ma triacs. But that's ok for expected kinds of use.