A minimal Raspbian setup to run ORCΛ and connected midi devices

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This project was born as a goal to minimally document the idea of making a small mini computer with just the basics installed to run ORCΛ and Midi devices with a maximum budget of 100€

This my personal take to document a minimal Raspbian installation to use as a small computer to control Midi devices. Time ago a friend refered me to a very nice sequencer that runs in Nodejs but also in a portable C version that is ORCΛ

I must that I'm not an experienced Raspbian user but I am a Linux user since about 10 years (Ubuntu/ Debian)

So I will keep this as simple as possible. I will start different than in another projects, I will just use the log to iterate, and only fulfill a detailed description when satisfied with the results.

  • 1 × Raspberry PI 4 with 1 or 2 GB Also a model 3 will work and they are cases in Thingiverse that fit perfectly ( )
  • 1 × Hyperpixel 4.0 800*480 display Touch or no Touch is your take. Touch is about 25€ more expensive so I choose the cheaper one
  • 1 × 3D printed case Remixed from
  • 1 × Optional Flex 3D printed protection Kind of mobile corner protection, this will be in place just in case your small mini computer falls

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    Install Raspbian

    I used Balena Etcher to install Raspbian. You have two options here:

    1. Install Raspbian without desktop (Buster Lite).
      This is enough if you want to use Orca-C
    2. Install Raspbian with desktop

      After the installation, mount the SD card, and in the boot partition do a:
    3. sudo touch ssh
      This empty ssh file will enable remote ssh access to the computer

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    Connect the Raspberry with a Network cable to your Router

    Discover that IP address using any tool or entering the Router configuration page ( in my case )
    And then access through ssh:
    ssh pi@YOURIP
    If the step 3 before was done at this point you will be logged in through ssh

  • 3
    Use raspi-config to add WiFi Credentials

    Described here in the documentation:

    sudo raspi-config
    // Network -> WiFi

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