4 Bend Prototype Result and Feedback

A project log for Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is an open-source hardware project for a device that outputs a certain voltage depending on where the rope/wire is bent.

Pablo Antonio Camacho Jr.Pablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 07/21/2019 at 23:490 Comments

I made a 4-bend prototype with resistors 3 Mega, 2 Mega,  1 Mega, 750k ohms. 

I put the wire and connected resistors in vinyl tubing of 1/4 inch outside diameter , 0.170 inch inside diameter.

It worked!

Unfortunately, it did not work in a consistent manner because the wire connections would also bend and get out of place.

The wire connection is not reliable; therefore, I will use very small normally-closed momentary push button switches since those achieve the same function as the 2 wires touching.