The Ideal Relationship is Linear and Logarithmic

A project log for Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is an open-source hardware project for a device that outputs a certain voltage depending on where the rope/wire is bent.

pablo-antonio-camacho-jrPablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 12/26/2019 at 18:430 Comments

In an earlier log, it was stated the linear was the ideal relationship between output voltage and location of bends in read rope. This was partially correct.

Actually, a linear and logarithmic relationship between output voltage and the location of bend is the most ideal and desired relationship. Otherwise piecewise.

An individual linear increase in voltage is desired so that the increase in voltage at output is predictable, easy to read, and able to be set for different combinations of bends.

However, overall, the individual increases should be logarithmic to each other so that it is easy to distinguish increase in voltage due to bends in certain locations. 

For example, a bend at point A produces a large increase in voltage at output and a bend at point B produces a small increase in output voltage. If a large increase in output voltage is observed, then, the bend can be assumed to have been done at point A.