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A project log for USB Type-C Breakout Board

This board breaks out a USB Type-C plug to pairs of SMA connectors for each of the super speed pairs, a USB micro B connector for D+/-, and

greggreg 07/18/2019 at 03:110 Comments

The lazy engineer in me has become a little too dependent on upverter and they have recently hosed me with their major system update that left several of my projects stranded, so I am finally making the long overdue effort to wean myself off and switch to KiCad.  

One of the techniques I want to use is curved traces which should make the impedance more consistent, especially since I won't necessarily be able to hit it perfectly.  I discovered that KiCad does not support curved traces, but fortunately Seth Hillbrand presented a technique to work around this at KiCon.  It is a bit of a kludge and a little painful but usable for the number of corners I need.  It sounds like real support for curved traces is coming to KiCad, so we shouldn't need to do this much longer.