A project log for IOTON MICRIO

Raspberry PI based, fully modular PLC for home and industrial automation.

Andrey VAndrey V 08/28/2019 at 06:450 Comments

Today I've started a new product development.

It will be a controller for real-time applications with extra interface and wireless possibilities.

This module will able to work flawlessly with the next IOTON extension modules:

What will be onboard:

  1. ATmega32U4 microcontroller.
  2. ESP8266 module (option)
  3. UART radio extender up to 3000m(option)
  4. Two micro USB ports for ATmega32U4 and ESP8266 programming
  5. 24V PSU
  6. RS485 isolated port(option)
  7. SMA connector for antenna

I think I will get working prototype in around two months(PCB manufacturing, components order and delivery takes some time).