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A project log for IOTON MICRIO

Raspberry PI based, fully modular PLC for home and industrial automation.

Andrey VAndrey V 08/28/2019 at 08:240 Comments

Andrey V

"Dad and son calmly lie next to each other without noticing a predatory snake creeping up behind"

Silicium and Stannum. Painted in Shchelkovo 2017-2019. Louvre long gallery.

In fact, MICRIO predecessor was a huge disaster for me. I made many critical errors in concept and design. I spent a huge amount of time and got an expensive and inflexible product. It was so hard to start a new project after that.

Some words I can say to developers who younger than I:

A big part of our life experience was received from mistakes and disasters. It's the truth of our life. In theory, only one man didn't make any mistakes - who did absolutely nothing. 

So never give up, be strong and move on!