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DIY for hobby use

VitalyVitaly 08/11/2019 at 07:450 Comments

There are 2 major pusher approaches - with rotating rod and rotating tube. Let's leave aside rotating tube, as it's more complicated for DIY. So, we need cylinder with M3 inside. Here are 2 choices again:

All appropriate drawing for 3d print are available on github. But for 1cc syringe detail will be too thin - metal pusher needed. Can we do it good enough without lathe? Yes. We need suitable tube and make thread inside.

After experimenting with lot of available materials, it seems optimal use  SS tube ID 4mm OD 2mm (description says ID 2.5 mm but it's 2mm). This material is a bit not convenient for drilling, but nothing impossible. So, we need:

To make holes straight, put tube into screwdriver and push with static drill bit (use separate chuck to hold it). After some training, that's not difficult:

Here is a result:

Small pieces of  soft adhesive tape add friction with syringe body and exclude rotation on install.

So, even for 1cc syringe, everything can be done at home, without advanced and expensive tools.

Next step is prototype assembly & testing to it fits in hand.