Firmware on bare metal

A project log for Solder paste and flux dispenser

DIY for hobby use

VitalyVitaly 01/11/2020 at 15:130 Comments

Good news, project is alive and goes forward :). PCB works and can show all those nice things from simulator, with subpixel font smoothing:

USB uploader also works. Very convenient for users - ST-Link/V2 not needed at all.

I started to write assembly manual. It's not complete, but enough to understand simplicity. Feel free to PR grammar fixes, because english language is not native for me :).

Minor tech notes

Found small issues, not enough to create next PCB version,  but worth to remember for future works:

What's next?

Plan is to learn how to use 3D printer, and print all plastic components (openscad drafts have been pulished on github. Then we can start debug dispense algorithm. Goal is to auto-tune on the fly all params (speed, retract level) via motor current sensor. But it's difficult to predict in advance, is it possible to to this with desired quality or not. I think, in 2-3 months we should get something final, ready to use.