Not Working in low temperatures

A project log for Bin Temperature Monitoring System

A grain monitoring system that will cost about $500CAD (raw materials) instead of $4000 CAD. Also open source instead of closed source.

kody-alan-rogersKody Alan Rogers 11/20/2019 at 01:300 Comments


So I put the current build outside to see how long it would run for in the cold weather. 

I did not do good. It sent me the first message but then six hours later (what I had set it to send the temperature at) there was silence. 

I think it is a combination of the battery not being charged very much before and that the battery does not like the cold weather.

The next update will be switching gears a bit. I will be constructing a 40 foot usb cable to power the arduino off of (this will replace the solar panel and the battery), and then I will put it and the sensors into operation in an empty bin. This will be the first iteration of tests that will be done on a wired version. 

The wired version is being further pursued at this point because it will be cheaper and will operate at the low temperatures better. 

A bit off topic, but a contest where a friend and mine were going to present this project has been postponed till March or April.