Aplha Board Lives and some bugs of design

A project log for ESPlay Micro

ESPlay Micro is an ESP32 Based emulator device for playing retro games, able to play classic games NES, GB, GBC, SMS, Game Gear and more.

Fuji PebriFuji Pebri 07/22/2019 at 08:530 Comments

I already receive a bunch of ESPLAY MICRO PCB from JLCPCB two months ago but could play with it just a week ago. I don't have any esp wrover lying around so i salvage from another project and decided to assembly the PCB. So far after a couple hours of soldering some smd components it lives with some design bugs found later. The board work as i expected but later i found out some button didn't work, after check the esp32 datasheet i forgot add pull up resistor for some GPIO Pin.

GPIO number 34, 35, 36, and 39 doesn't have internal pull up/down. No problem i just add some external ones then it work perfecty, add some note to add them on next board revision. here some picture of it.

ESPLAY MICRO running retro-esp32 launcher by @Eugene Andruszczenko on his Gaboze Express, an awesome launcher design.

added some pull up resistor to get some button working. Next i will design a 3d printed case for this. I have design for top case like this