Extreme macro rig as first motorised module attempt

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krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/07/2019 at 18:150 Comments

Hello this time I wanted to share some example of motorised module example which I assembled some time ago

It's suppose to be something which is sometime called "extreme macro rig" and it's used for extreme macro photography.

Currently i'm working on driver electronics for it i made simple prototype already, but i got some problems with communications with pixpi controller. 

Initially I my plans was to drive it through 1-wire interface which i implemented on pixpi(as master) as well on stepper driver board(slave), but there are some problems with it as arduino(slave) liked to stuck a lot during operation, i'm get feeling like i'm compicated it too much, so now i'm trying other approach, with using "servo like" interface, so using timed pulses for driving motor. I already implemented it on pixpi side, but still need to implement this on driver/arduino side.

I spent some time on designing it, but i'm happy that I found complete dslr mount on aliexpress, so it made it's looot easier:

                    Material which i choose is POM(poliacetal) as it's easy in machining and looks nice
                                  later i decided to go with aluminium for this lowe(long one)element