Macrorig controlled from app

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Modular and programmable DSLR camera trigger

krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/20/2019 at 19:410 Comments


As i wrote in previous update lately I was working on adding possibility to control macrorig/stepper driver from android app, and just wanted to share some effects of it:

 Generally it works, it's simple and there are some fine tweaks still needed, but it will come in future, what was currently added on app side is:

Added "step" mode in ports configuration screen:

                                                          "Step" mode can be set on each port

            After setting port into "step" mode following block will become available:

With these block you can move steppers forward and backward and set desired travel, currently smallest possible move for macrorig is 0,005mm(1 step).