Muscle sensor and why not

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Kristjan BerceKristjan Berce 08/01/2019 at 12:150 Comments

I tried using it and it did not work as I thought it will. Not even a bit. See the problem is that when you put the electrode on your biceps, you can trigger it just by stretching your skin. it causes so much electricity that it false triggers and device thinks that you send a muscle signal. So when the Exo-Arm is fastened to your arm, the belt will stretch your skin, especially at the biceps. What happens? Exo-Arm flexes, but does not let go, because it thinks you're still sending signals to the biceps when the only signal is your stretched skin, if that makes any sense.

Will stick to load cells (the same part that is used in weights to read weight). Will require some adaptations however.