Data logger prototype demo

A project log for Data logger device for DM3058 digital multimeter

Small device that connects to serial port of DM3058 bench top multimeter to retrieve and log measurements

KristsKrists 05/30/2020 at 07:150 Comments

Here comes video that shows existing functionality of data logger prototype.

It shows how measurements logging works and how measurements data files can be opened by connecting data logger to PC as USB flash disk.

Measurements are logged in two modes. In “interval mode” data logging rate is set in seconds, this would be useful to capture some lengthy process. Measurements are requested at this interval. As described in previous post measurements might not be taken at that exact time. “Continuous mode” measurements run at the rate that depends on multimeter measurement mode. It is not possible to change that but by logging one measurement and skipping some known number of measurements it is possible to achieve somewhat stable and changeable measurements rate. This would work for capturing measurements of some fast changing process. In video it shows how measurements of 0.5 Hz sine wave signal can be captured this way.

Data logging works for dual mode measurements as well. It is shown in second part if the video. Dual mode measurements - logging changes to both voltage and current was main reason why I got interested in DM3058 multimeter.

It did take a while to get so far. There are, however, more issues to be fixed.