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ChazChaz 08/18/2019 at 08:400 Comments

Had a small adventure learning KiCad from Eagle. I managed to get a nice simple board designed.

I'll order 10x of them for beta testers. While I wait around for the boards to arrive I can continue on the housing design and reducing current consumption with better sleepy code. Expect an update in the Git of the initial code compatible with the new schematic layout. I had to move some IO pins around in order to obtain a single sided PCB. The new Schematic has 3 LEDs, a reset button, 2025 holder, regular button and a buzzer. Some more decoupling capacitors too! 

Obscure 2:30am thought... 

 Someone should make a game of PCB layout. It would be pretty cool. Basically components on a board with color string and each component pin has a color. Connect all the pins and don't cross any string. Add more components to increase the difficulty.

Good night!