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A project log for Slim Band: Appetite Suppression Wristband

Help fight obesity and food waste through behavioral conditioning

ChazChaz 08/25/2019 at 06:060 Comments

Boards are done and shipping from OshPark, parts are all here waiting. This includes some handy dandy new silicone watch bands off amazon. And an SOIC-08 programming clip. The schematic files have been posted along with rev 01 of the most basic timer code. It does not go into sleep mode and is not settable yet. However all the hardware is there, just waiting for better code to use it.

I Also updated the parts list with exact part numbers I ordered off Digikey.

I am holding off a day on posting the case stl file as I am changing it from apple band design to traditional type. There are far more options for traditional style attachement.

All in all, I should have a half dozen of these shipping out in about a week to beta testers.

Rough BOM: in QTYs of <10

Watch Band: 4.75

Mouthwash Strips: 0.50

Case: ~10

PCB: 3.05

Components: 5.35

Total: $23.65

Not to shabby. As for the watch band and case the sky is the limit on how expensive you could make them. Shapeways can print out of platinum and there are many fancy watch bands one could get.

At this point I think the project is ready to submit to the HAD Prize. However I'll keep developing and pushing out revisions as I continue towards getting better code and more testing in.