Log 6

A project log for AFD Nightstalker

21st century vampire hunting weapon: repeating electromagnetoelastic compound crossbow with night vision

FiveseveNFiveseveN 08/25/2019 at 12:560 Comments

Good news, everyone! Documentation has taken a back seat to getting things done, I hope understandably so. So I’m going to stick to a briefer play-by-play for now. Though things are coming together:

Was rather stuck on how to motorize the magazine, dreading the thought of having to file matching teeth for a gear, then I got inspired by the classics, channeling a bit of the old Sam Colt. So a ratcheting system is to both move and index the magazine, and I got away with filing 14 teeth instead of dozens.

Took this time to drill out and paint the security camera. Who needs an oven when it’s August?

Turned out I had to redo the pusher as I had made it too short. Took this time to grind a bolt for the interfacing bit, thus finishing this part of the mechanism.

On the theme of remaking parts, the foam recoil pad slipped on the grinder just as I was finishing it, so I had to make another.

Next came a crucial component that I had initially planned to make from rather thin sheet stock. Luckly I had part of a hinge that was already mostly the right shape. Here it’s pictured with the initial nut I tried to fit but I later found a better fit.

I added proper springs and did some fitting on the trigger group. The disconnector is yet to come since I’ll have to finish the ramp assembly first.

After a lot of filling with hot glue and cutting it back and gluing and deciding I wasn’t satisfied, and having to do the whole thing again including a new track, the “barrel” was finally in place.

The beast in its full glory, resting upon my own Empire of Dirt: