Log 7

A project log for AFD Nightstalker

21st century vampire hunting weapon: repeating electromagnetoelastic compound crossbow with night vision

FiveseveNFiveseveN 09/08/2019 at 17:520 Comments

I had promised (mostly to myself) to test the mechanics this week but I kept getting distracted with minor parts. However, that means I am very nearly done with fabrication.

To finalize the cam assembly the spiral was trued up and some spacers made: first I tried MDF impregnated with CA but they were not strong enough, so I remade them from Dibond scraps.

That allowed me to align everything and glue the forward assembly in place. I hadn't properly planned this part out, which lead to me having to cut the hardwood transverse element no less than three times.

While on the subject on doing things thrice, it turned out I had cut the slot almost a centimeter too long, making it ever so slightly weaker than it needed to be, so I replaced it, again. After finding a pretty part in my box of greebles I also decided to redo the trigger. The same box provided a brilliant end piece for the coil frame: a brushless motor stator. The reloading shuttle was then completed and the reloading ramp mounted.