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Tom NardiTom Nardi 08/12/2019 at 19:350 Comments

One of the features I snuck in for v1.5 was the ability to highlight known station IDs, the little clips played to remind you what channel you're listening to. They are often used to add a little color to the listening experience by playing various messages or clips. For example when listening to DEF CON Radio, the songs are intermixed with short sound bites pulled from talks given at previous cons.

When looking back at an hour worth of streaming DEF CON Radio, the new highlighting feature makes this readily apparent:

Originally I had planned to simply omit these clips from the track listing, but I think highlighting them ends up being more useful. Or at least, interesting.

On a related note, not all the channels start their ID with "SomaFM", and I've only populated the list with the ones I've seen while listening. But it's easy to add new IDs to the list to check for, so perhaps that's something the community will eventually be able to assist with through pull requests.