Curve Tracer V5

A project log for Microcontroller based curve tracer

Electronic Curve tracer for measure and compare components on circuit boards

Máté TóthMáté Tóth 06/15/2021 at 18:070 Comments

The time is here, although this is just an early prototype:

A little while now I have started working on a new version of the original Curve Tracer series. Based on most of the feedbacks, everyone wanted to build the Curve Tracer V2, but because of the not so great documentation from my side it was not so easy.

In the mean time I have managed to upgare my little home lab and right away started designing a better version of the original Version 2. 

My main goals was to improve the screen size with adding touch functions. Most of the mechanical designes are done as far as the front panel. The Version 5 has a 7" lcd with touch, which improves the look of the instrument.

I know not everyone likes touch functions, so I aslo added a keyboard woth an encoder wheel.

This is my first PCB which I have ever finnished from designe to manufacturing. :D

The analog part is still under development and in designe phase, but there will be not really new stuff in it since SUF and I managed to develop 4 previous versions of Curve Tracers.

The software also in very early stage so please not expect to much from it on the below video.

For the end please watch a little demo of the early demo of the Version 5 Curve Tracer: